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Florence Avenue Foursquare

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Location: Santa Fe Springs, CA
These two stained glass Tiffany windows are called the Crucifixion window and the Resurrection window.billige herrenuhren The Crucifixion window with the three crosses silhouetted in the burnt oranges of the setting sun on that incredible day, yet a ray of hope filtering through and down, lighting the cross of Christ. The trees on either side have no leaves, thus symbolizing death and yet even the limbs are reaching for the heavens; our hope. Below, left, roses, cactus; the shed blood of Christ running down the cross and mixing with the waters of baptism. Below, also, shafts, The Resurrection stained glass window, Christ arms raised in celebration of the Resurrection. The tomb with the dove of the Holy Spirit sweeping across the window upon the waters of baptism. The trees, now with leaves, even crystal leaves, symbolic of the new life in Christ.